Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weathering the Winds of Change

I guess all this talk of global warming, greenhouse effect may have some truth in it. Look at us now in Malaysia, all of a sudden there's this giant heatwave! Can you feel it? No? Not to worry, this heatwave is not the normal kind that makes you sweaty and sticky. This one's meant for people in the corridors of power. The heat is on!

There are those in the public sector who are worried sick about their past practices. Remember those little Napoleons that make us run around all the time? And those who insist on scratching your back, and you would have little choice but to reciprocate or else! The PDRM is no exception!

The IGP's statement today is nothing new, we have heard it before. Just wondering when we will rid ourselves of this IG....oops, I meant these problems in the PDRM. The IGP has made claims to their success in containing corruption in the force, but to date, all we hear are those trumped up cases about non disclosure of assets by some big gun. Apart from that, what's new?

Ahh, I forgot, the look is new! They look so dazzling with this new look. I am sure it is designed to mesmerize us to the extent that all their shortcomings could all be conveniently forgotten. But Malaysians are not dumb! We remember! I think it is better for him to use his time investigating those cases brought up by Raja Petra, where there were sworn affidavits by individuals, instead of making repeated statements about pledges he cannot fulfill. Sometimes I feel the word "Royal" should be removed from their name. Don't you think it's insulting to the King?

Ah, those in the last Penang State exco, the Napoleons in the Land Office, I suppose they are preparing for a winter vacation somewhere. Similarly for those in Perak and Selangor. There were reports that the ACA has investigated the Penang land improprieties. Now what happens if "Rip van Winkle" is involved? By all accounts, I believe he should be. After all, he was the one who officiated at the launch of PGCC.

With 5 opposition States and a host of national scandals, it will only be a matter of time before we hear the Immigrations boys complaining about heavy workload. Lots of migration (running away, chau lor) on the cards!

They call this a political tsunami, better if it had been a deluge!

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