Saturday, March 22, 2008

Screw the politicians

Hey Bro,

Just got back from the club. Interesting conversation/debate we had. Topic ? Race based political parties in Malaysia. There were those who felt, like I do, that race based politics in this country is doomed. Then there were those who begged to differ. What are your thoughts?

Well, you know me, I'm all for Bangsa Malaysia, but Bangsa Malaysia has no room for race based political parties! So, in my opinion, parties like UMNO, MIC, MCA is completely irrelevant from here on now!

The interesting argument that I got was, Hindraf is race based (or was it religious based?), and if not for Hindraf, how could Samy Vellu be defeated? Food for thought!

To me, brother, Bangsa Malaysia is not so difficult to achieve. All it takes is that we be honest with ourselves, and always place ourselves as MALAYSIANS first, before our own ethnicity.

Imagine, Wong Fei Hoong and Mat Kilau doing the tango!

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