Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Circus of Ostriches

We seem to be hearing a lot of talk lately about the snubbing of non BN elected representatives at school functions. We do not know whether this was a Ministry directive or, was it the work of an overzealous little Napoleon. Either way, practices of such nature should not be condoned.

In schools, where democracy is nurtured, this could hardly qualify as an example of democracy at work or political correctness! What's with these people? Shutting them out does not mean they will disappear, they will be there, at least till the next GE. I just do not see what is wrong in any school inviting state dignitaries to their official functions. Partisan feelings should not be allowed here. As far as I know, there is a Ministry directive outlawing teachers' involvement in politics!

With nitwits like these running our education system, no wonder we have a downward spiral in the universities ranking over the years.
Why should the invitation of a non BN state representative even be an issue? That's real shameful and it reflects badly on those so called educationists. Makes it worrisome if I have school going children.

So go bury your head in the sand, you little Napoleons, while the world moves forward, leaving you far behind like the proverbial "katak".

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