Friday, March 28, 2008

BADawi in self destruct mode!

The quintessential moment is drawing near for his premature demise from the political scene. He has been drawing flak from all quarters except from his SIL, the 4th Floor boys and perhaps a small band of desperate UMNO deadwood. Oh, woe be to him!

Every move made thus far, save for a few, has not calmed nerves. Tabling the IPCMC would be an upcoming thrilling episode. Will he do it or is it just lip-service? Postponing or delaying the UMNO general assembly is a vain attempt to hang on to the last vestiges of power.

His deputies and those in his current cabinet seem rather quiet. For the first time, party problems has diverted their focus from making ill gotten gains and keris waving, to immediate survival. That's good when we don't hear or see much of them.

Taking a page off his football illustration, let's look at the goals he has conceded. Chiefly among them, his tiff with the Royalties of Trengganu and Perlis, UMNO divisions in Johor calling for him to step down, his inability/unwillingness to endorse Zaid Ibrahim's call for an apology to the victims of the 1988 Judicial crisis. Through all his misgivings, he still claims to have the support of UMNO and BN. Clearly, he is in a state of denial!

Things are not looking very rosy for the PM. It's only a matter of months before he faces stronger opposition from within that will lead to his ouster. Already, Razaleigh, contender number one, has openly challenged for the crown. Next please!

Don Quixote Malaysia?

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