Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is something which I hate to bring up, but I guess we still have time or better late than never. Race base political party has been in existence since 1940 something I guess.

MCA formed February 27th 1949 .
MIC formed August 1946
UMNO formed on May 11th 1946

UMNO and MCA join first in '52 and later in '55 MIC came in. Thats where the term May I Come was first initialised.. Jokes bro..

These are the 3 major race base political party now operating. Why do they exist in the first place? Coz.. At that point of time most of the Chinese and Indians comes from China and India. The language barrier is huge. Communication was like chicken and duck. Thus the need for them to be united and elect a leader to speak for them. But as time goes on, the literacy rate has gone up and all the schools teaches Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu as a compulsory subject and yet there are so many of us who cannot command the language well. Why is that so? The easiest way to realise a Bangsa Malaysia is to have a common language like what Indonesia has and that is Bahasa Malaysia. This part is the easiest among all to do. Learn to communicate in 1 language.

With 1 period a day for mandarin or tamil language studies is good enough for all ethnics to learn their mother tounge but not to the extend of using the language till you can't pronounce Bahasa Malaysia well..

Bangsa Malaysia should be able to communicate through 1 language. Bangsa Malaysia should use only 1 language. If we had agreed upon the Bangsa Malaysia concept, then there should not be anymore ethnic schools. There should not be Chinese School, Indian School or Malay School.

It has nothing to do with ethnic cleansing or whatsoever. It has got to do with rebranding the Malaysian ethnic. If we are able to accept this then Bangsa Malaysia would not be very far away.

Let us not talk about race base political party as yet if we are not even able to communicate in one common language.

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