Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, this is how the goings on are between SCOMI boss, Kamaluddin and Patrick Lim, his wife's uncle. One happy rich family. Well thats how life is in bolehland. This is the integration within different races that we are dreaming of. PackLah has a bit of Chinese blood through his mom. Then he got married to Endon who has Japanese blood in her. The son, Kamaluddin got married to Patrick Lim's nephew. If that isn't Bangsa Malaysia, I don't know what else is. Pic shows discussion between both of them after dinner at Sri Perdana, PM's official residence. Enjoying themselves and filling their belly with taxpayers money is what I see. Monsoon cup, Crystal Mosque and what not is their achievement which does nothing good to the Terengganu folks which has a very high poverty rate. 2nd to Sabah which has the highest in Malaysia.

The now defunct MB is seen here with Patrick Lim, happily laughing away. This is how the rapport should be between the project owner and his contractor. Not just bashing each other up during the progress meetings. Could be laughing all the way to the bank for both of them coz from what I heard the Crystal Mosque was laden with V.O's...

The introducer...with the contractor. Seems here the introducer is entertaining the contractor at his official home funded by the taxpayers money, the food too is our money but the smiles are all theirs.

Reason for escalation in price of contracts are these jetsetting lifestyle. Mode of transport is by air. Owns a copter, yacht and who knows what. Well seems he's very proud of it and was heard throwing the No.1's name everywhere he goes. Who wouldn't?

The people who make them what they are today and day after. Do you think these people are stupid? No. They are people who believes in you. The real down to earth rakyat who feel for you, supports you and would be willing to even die for you and the country.These are the rakyat that still believes on the clean image that PackLah has portrayed before he starts minggling with the jetsetters..

Say SORRY PackLah...

Pics of PackLah and friends are from kickdefella blog. Hope he doesn't mind coz I did not wait for his approval before posting.

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