Monday, March 31, 2008


A scene in the film FITNA by Geert Wilder from Holland showing a woman praying and reciting Al Fatihah in a dress which covers all but ....

A closeup of the woman praying.

As we all know, in Malaysia a muslim woman usually wears tudung. In Islam a woman must cover up her body from head to toe leaving only the face and the palm. I'm talking about the practice in Malaysia. The woman in actual fact must not only cover her hair and all but also must not wear clothings which are tight fitting which shows the shape of their bodies which is left to the imagination of others. But whatever it is as I have said earlier, its between you and god. The rules have been set, follow as what and how you interprete and believe in. Its not within any individual for that matter to say what is wrong and right pertaining one's behaviour towards their faith.

The pic shows the scene taken from the film FITNA from Holland which has caused quite a commotion among Muslims all over the world. It shows how a Muslim wearing a see through dress with Arabic writings on her body praying to ALLAH and reciting Al Fatihah in the 1st scene. She starts to narrate about her life, her brutal husband and what not blah blah blah...

This is not how a Muslim dress to pray. For those non Muslim please understand. Everyone else would be ogling at a Muslim womwn here if she were to pray dressed like that.

Anyway what I'm trying to say here is the movie doesn't tell the truth about Islam and it is more of an imagination of the directoe and scriptwriter I guess.

To me, if you want to take it as a documentary that depict Islam as a whole then you're on the wrong track but if you are to take it as just an entertainment and doesn't hold any bearing or whatsoever to Islam then by all means enjoy the show.

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