Saturday, March 22, 2008



Responded to ur invite. Checked the site out, pretty cool for a lst post! Ok, now what do I do? Do I post directly onto the blog? Please advise and stop laughing, you can't really blame me for playing the part, it is expected, cos' people say "intel inside, idiot outside!"

Well that was the response I get when I invite 2Tone to put down his views in writing so the world would be able to interact with him on his views.

Today the new Minister of Information says that the Bloggers views must be taken into consideration and that the bloggers had played an important part in the last General Election. What he has forgotten to add was that the Bloggers had played an important role in stripping BN of its so called "INVINCIBLE" power.

He will set up a meeting with all you bloggers and he is definitely goint tell about what seditious writing means. Thats BN....either threaten you or bribe you. I would prefer the bribe actually...LOL.

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