Thursday, March 27, 2008

Men - God's Creation?

Recently, I commented that Zaid Ibrahim's statement about the government apologizing to the victims of the 1988 judiciary fiasco, but there were others who begged to differ. The move was seen more as a sardonic diversion from BADawi's reenactment of Rip van Winkle or was it done with sincere efforts to aid the healing process that the country is in such dire need of!

Whatever his intentions, it was welcomed by the masses. However, responses from some political and some ex-NGO leaders were quite disappointing in my opinion. The direction which these characters are pursuing shall only lead to more chaos and disorder. They should be ignored! Tis the time for healing, man! An apology would be deemed appropriate. The judgment, let's leave that to GOD!

It is time to move forward, the last GE results have dictated so! Dwelling in the past ain't getting us nowhere.

So, if you believe that Man is GOD's creation, you should also notice that HE has found it fit to design us with our eyes in front of our faces and not behind our heads. Shouldn't we let bygones be bygones?

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