Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Remember the times when we use to bring our report card home for our father to sign? Do you remember how you felt if your report sheet was beautified by the teacher with red coloured ink? Tackling mommy in this kind of situation is quite easy for me, but tackling dad...Oh my god. I could shit in my pants.

After dinner is the time when dad will just throw in a few queries about school and what not, just to update himself. This is also the time when you have to mention about the report card for him to sign. There is no excuse for you for not getting all blue on your card. No matter what your explanation is, whether the whole class fails that subject or you were not feeling well that day, my dad would say , " You did not study. What have you been doing. You did not pay attention in class.You play too much. You watch too much TV blah, blah, blah.....I'm not going to sign it"

I got no answer for it. I was to be blamed for my wrong doings. I should have studied a little bit more. Maybe I should have forego that TV series that I love so much. I should not have been sleeping in my chemistry class. I should have used mechanical pencil in my technical drawing or I should not have given up on what differentiation and integration in add maths and blah blah blah...I will always put the blame onto myself first before I analyse what really went wrong. The result after the analysis will always be on my side. I was damn right for blaming myself.

This flashback came on to me after I listen to Mike Tyson aka Mohd Mohd Taib saying that the UMNO general election would be postpone to next year to avoid disaster if it was held as scheduled.

This is just like me facing up to my father to review my report card. Scared stiff. Why? Because I have dissapointed my father. The difference here is my father cannot change me from being his child, while the UMNO members are eager to change their leader.

What kind of a leader are you Pak Lah if you dare not face your own party members? Can't you explain why UMNO lost so many seats? You have no answer as to why the Malays are not supporting the only Malay party in the BN? You scared you'll lose your job? You scared your empire comes to an end?

Those guys who proposed for the postponement are scared their money making post is gonna vanish. They definitely knew what the outcome is gonna be. They're buying time. For what? To make enough money to last for a few generations?

Cut the crap guys. This is your example of KETUANAN MELAYU for other race to see. This is how to convince the rakyat that you are able to lead them but you guys are acting like dogs with the tail between the legs and whimper. You're gonna get no vote from the Malays anymore.

Stand up. Take the blame. Burn the deadwood. At least it is put to good use and able to heat up some left overs. Not the hippies definitely.

Hisham should take out his keris now and demand for the UMNO GE to carry on as scheduled. Use that keris to kill whatever germ or viruses that has penetrated UMNO and revive it rather than showing it to inflict fear to other rakyats...No Class...

Shoul have copied how I analyse myself and they will definitely see.

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