Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Overheard - Coffee Shop Talk

Talk was mostly centred on the aftermath of the elections and particularly on the statement made by the new CM of Penang, and its repercussion. The UMNO led protest in Komtar. The argument these gentlemen had was about the police handling of the situation.

In my opinion, they (PDRM), were, for once, carrying out their duties as they should. Meaning, crowd control, traffic control and nipping whatever untoward incidents there may be, in the bud. I felt that should be something commendable. The tear gas were missing, so were the water cannons. So, where did they go wrong?

One of the gentlemen saw something else. What he saw was, the PDRM practicing double standards! His argument was both Bersih and Hindraf were protesting for their rights, so did the protesters at Komtar. "Somehow, the reception from the PDRM was so different. In the earlier cases, the entire police arsenal was unveiled, but an UMNO led protest, well, that's a different ball game!"

So, heads you win, tails I lose.

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