Monday, March 31, 2008


What has happen to A.Sivasubramaniam ADUN for Buntong Perak who has left the party citing unfair allocation of seats in Perak Exco. Seems that DAP has promised 2 seats for the Indian community but only A.Sivanesan from DUN Sungkai was elected to the exco.

Well, alls not well too for a party which practices democracy and which has been harping about democracy every where. They have been telling about Malaysian Malaysia and yet only a handful of non Chinese are in the party.

How do you expect for other races to join in when the main language of communication is Mandarin. All this talk of Barisan Rakyat and also Barisan Nasional are all but marriage of convenience.

Race base political party is so pronounced even in DAP. It looks like a family oriented party too, just like what is happening in other parties. Lim Guan Eng is the son of Lim Kit Siang and the husband to Betty Chew.

Karpal with Gopind and Jagjit is another family in the DAP. Not just ordinary members, they are ADUNs too.

Could I come to a conclusion that whatever race or whatever party there will always have some kind of cronyism or nepotism practices in them without realizing it. Lets not forget about PKR with Anwar, Azizah And Nurul Izzah.

So, why the big hu ha about Khairy then? Is it because these other family could not be in power as PackLah that they feel angry or envy?

Homo Sapiens has feelings....Thats why...

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