Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Same Shit, New Look!

PM Abdullah BADawi has admitted that one of the reasons for the BN's poor showing was the result of their failure to listen to the people. So this retroactive PM quickly swung into action by promising to tend to the Rakyat's grouses by promising to table the IPCMC bill in Parliament soon, though 4 years late. Taking it a step further, it was reported in today's "Star" that the PDRM is going to get a new look. See, this guy is action packed! A rather innovative way of cleaning up the police force!

I hope our "aku tak tahu" PM realizes that it takes more than a new look to transform what we have into something world class, something the Rakyat can trust and respect! In most parts of the civilized world, the police are usually viewed as public-oriented. They are seen as someone whom one can get assistance and protection from. Well, that's what I would want to. Somehow, here in Malaysia, the cop is usually looked at from a very negative perspective. Unfortunately, they only have themselves to blame for this sad state of affairs.

We learn that a policeman's role is supposed to be preventive. I don't see how this preventive role is effected when you find them 50 meters from the road junction, under a big tree, behind the bushes! That, is when you see them, but these days, come to think of it, you don't see much of them except during "operasi".

"Why do they wear such an intimidating look during "operasi" ? Is it their way of literally showing their authority? Whatever happened to good old courtesy? A smile would be nice!
I don't see how a gentler, friendlier disposition could in any way dent their authority. Time they learn that respect has got to be earned!

Anyway, nice try, BADawi, lets see if you can still turn Parliament into an UMNO circus when you actually table the IPCMC bill!

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