Monday, March 24, 2008


Are we saying that we are living in beautiful Malaysia as Bodohland? Bodohwood describe the guys governing the land better than Bodohland which engulfs all the beautiful citizen of different ethnicity merging together to become Bolehland.

I cannot accept Malaysia as Bodohland..period.

And what is so bright about Zaid's statement asking the Government to apologise for the Judicial crisis which happens 20 years ago. Was he engage as Minister of Law to dig up old cases and starts telling people what is wrong and what is right on things that happened 20 years ago? Or was he instructed to divert the attention of the rakyat away from the call for Pak Lah to step down? In other words he was trying to show how wrong Dr M's administration was and leave it to the rakyat to justify how transparent Pak Lah's admin is.

What he should have done now is to tell Pak Lah to at least admit that he undertake full responsibility for the BN's losses. Instead he's trying to make Pak Lah a hero! This is a guy who was accused of practising money politics by UMNO, and did not contest in the last GE but eventually made Minister Of Law.

Surely this cabinet of Pak Lah are full of opportunist politicians and willing to lick dirt off the table when Pak Lah orders them to.

It is true that the political scenario has changed to an action packed script, well we the rakyat needs to be entertained too at times. The Malays, Chinese, Indians and even Royalty has snubbed Pak Lah now. Why? What went wrong? Where did it go wrong? These are mysteries left to be unfold sooner or later, but definitely not through the Mainstream Media.

To me, let bygones be bygones and leave all punishment to GOD. We are moving towards an era where people are with abundance of choice and willing to take risk, but in the eyes of the Govt. we the rakyat are like underage citizens which needed certain guides on what we should and should not do. Lets move forward..Looking backwards is to remind us not to make whatever mistake that we have done rather than apologizing all the wrongdoings.


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