Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well twotoner has pasted a nice pic with a message below.

Reminds me of Penang's very own Lorong Gaharu but without the moustache and gotee...

Today at 3pm monks of the highest level in UMNO will sit down and discuss about what to do with the Terengganu issue and also to talk about the postponement of the UMNO election for the year.

The postponement was relayed to the public by info chief warrior Mike Tyson saying that division chiefs who came to convey their concern to PackLah, though not all at the same time but in groups at different times. To me these are chiefs who are scared of losing their power...

UMNO's working committe discussed on Wednesday, chaired by Najib in attendance of the secretary, info chief, the 3 deputies and all heads of UMNO wings and decided that they want it to go on as scheduled. These are chiefs who see great opportunity in getting a step higher in the hierarchy by eating someone or asking someone to just pack and go and giving him an exaggerated sending off to Australia maybe?

Well Najib definitely have something up his sleeve. He is just a step away from the No.1 post. The most powerful man in Malaysia if you make it so, but could be the most hated guy among your own race if you start losing states and blame everyone else for the lost.

The "Next Change" action packed movie is just around the corner if the election goes on as scheduled featuring all the stalwarts of UMNO as actors. Let us see the massacre within and probably the emergence of a new but old hero...

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