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Hiya Guys,

Actually planned this blog for quite a while now, but doesn't really have an idea how to kick off. Did a few drafts though but it don't turn out right I guess till recently when I was communicating with a friend whom I'm gonna introduce to all as "2Tone". We were just talking about the most popular subject these few weeks, namely "THE GE 12".

We got to a part when I actually asked him how he feels about the recent results of the GE, and what does he think of the malays in Penang now after UMNO was washed on the Island. Guess I'll just start off the blog with what had transpire during our emailing thingy...Here goes

2 Tone said : bro,

apa khabar? like the results of the recent elections? for me, these r very exciting times.
anyway, as per your request, here's what's overheard at the scene of the demo at Komtar, "kita dah kalah, dah selesai, kachau apa UMNO ? pi lah cari makan!"

i think the sensible supporters have already conceded, it's the UMNOputer ass who is trying to create a tense environment. however, i think the general public are sensible and matured enough to tell. Of course there shall be the simple minded from both sides who will believe all kinds of rumors as long as they are juicy!

BM said : Yeah got it..Seems to me they r sore losers. They just dont know how to accept losing.

What is your actual feeling right now. Though its still too early to tell what or how the new govt turns out, what r ur xpectation and how do you think will affect ur day to day activities.

Just to let u know, 20th there will be a gathering at the State Mosque after the Maulidur Rasul (Prophet Mohd's something...). Might be a huge crowd there. Don't think any untoward incidents gonna take place but maybe jam and stuff like dat. You knpw lah dis mamak all, when there r lots of them, they think they r invincible but actually they r insensible.

Take care dude..

2Tone said : Yeah, heard about the gathering, but over here the word is that this has something to do with SIL, not the mamaks.

Anyway, I am very happy with the results of the last election. To me, this marks the maturity of our electorate, and what is even more cause to celebrate is that our Malay brethren, the majority has seen the light and are thinking along the same line as the non bumi, meaning, many are now aware that the common enemy are those elite in UMNO.

I believe the political landscape in this country has changed forever, for better. The race based parties are as good as obsolete now, and that augers well for a young nation like ours.

If all of us can keep our cool, and not allow ourselves to succumb to UMNO rhetorics, there is hope yet for this country. It is the forces of UMNO that is trying to create tensions (definitely not riots, because they stand to lose too!), to make things difficult for the opposition.

long live democracy!

BM said :

Well to me, even the malays in Penang reacts to situations like mamak..hahaha...LOUD..

That is very true about the maturity of the voters. The gist of it all in this GE is that lots and lots of rakyat just hates the PM. What other reasons do they have? Every one shares a common feel that the PM is not doing what he should be doing. Though maybe lots o' ppl still have that feeling that a PM should do like what Dr.M does cos he has been up there so long and seriously I think Dr.M is a much better CEO than Pack Lah.

The results of the GE could also be considered a blessing to both fronts i.e BN & BA. They get to learn new things which I hope would be able to mould them into a better man and leader.
Let me tell u what the malays in pg is feeling right now. They feel threaten. They feel lost. They feel shit. Though nothing big has really affect them but the thoughts and the rumours that come with it is what they are scared of. Paranoid. this is what I gather from the guys there.
Thanks bro..any good blogs from penang that i can surf?

2Tone said : bro,

we got plenty work to do man! appreciate your views but a little baffled as to your comment about Penang Malays being confused! i think they should have nothing to worry about. look, if you were to look back to those good old P. Ramlee days, you would remember the level of goodwill the different races used to enjoy, the broadmindedness of the Malays and the word "lucah" was not invented yet!

i may be wrong, but here i offer my observations on how the BN failed so badly :-

1) A PM who is virtually in the dark about what running a country is like, (now that is worse than a sleeping PM)

2) Playing with dangerous weapons (wonder why Police did not consider it an offensive weapon, the kris)

3) Open rejection of Bangsa Malaysia (Ghani Othman)

4) Judiciary with BN scales (if u watch carefully, the scales are actually dipping one side) and confirmed by Lingam

5) The sycophants of all the various component parties of BN, who seemed to believe that the ruling elite can do no wrong, so much so, that when their own communities are sidelined, they still believe that UMNO did that in the interest of the non Bumis.

Bro, i could go on, but no. Listen if we really subscribe to this exciting idealogy of Bangsa Malaysia, then the entire country has only to look out for the fucking newspaper reporters of the mainstream media! These will be the dogs (haram) of the BN whom I believe is out to create tension (note, tension not riots) to make it difficult for the DAP, PKR and PAS to rule.

Long live Malaysia!
Long live Bangsa Malaysia
Long live democracy!

And may we see in the very near future, scenes like Labu, Labi playing with Ah Chong, Ah Beng and of course two nice Indian kids, though preferably they are not call Samy or Lingam!

BM said : Hahahaha,
U know why...Because they all drink beer ma those days.Thats y they r more open minded. There r no Malays going round town wearing a turban unless he just came back from pilgrimage. Thats y till now, whenever u c somebody with turban(malay i mean) and skull cap, u still refer them as Haji. Old skool man. Religion has played quite a big part in the separation of races. The so called "Religious Man" have interprete Islam in such a way that all the other races or other faith are infidels, kafir, untrustworthy, eat babi etc... but they forget or they chose not to remember that the god they are praying to is the one who created all these infidels, kafir, untrustworthy and eat babi guys...

From what I gather, there is but one god, everyone on this planet who believes in god pray to that god only ma. Different way of praying but goes to the same guy ma..Then y must we hate each other.

This thought of mine covers to what ever beliefs or faith that ur into. If u like my ideology, be my 1st disciple. We will change the world.Hahaha. Since staying in Trengganu for the last 2 months I guess I have found the Sky Kingdom. Hahahaha

But to me, I feel(nothing to do with what UMNO feels) if we ourselves, the grassroots cannot integrate, what more the leaders. They are performers la bro. They sing to you, songs which get the most applause. They crack jokes that get the most applause. They give speeches on subjects which they see playing on the streets.

I'm all for it man. The bangsa Malaysia. It is still a dream for me till today. How many close malay friends do u have? How many close indian friend do u have? Are u comfortable sitting at a table of 10 being a lone chinese?

How to change all that? When can change all that? Who is goin to do it?

We lah got to do it. I have started long time ago. Thats how I know u guys.

Hahahahaha.. Fuck the govt lah who ever it may be. HIPPY WAY IS THE BEST WAY.

Know what? I'm gonna start a blog by posting what we have wrote here. Ok with u? I'm gonna call it MAKE LOVE NOT WAR. U n I are the authors. Let me know and I'll set it up. Share our ideas with the world.

Peace Bro

2Tone said : Extremely good idea! Go ahead with the blog, man. I would also like to put in my 2 sen worth of thoughts for the country. Perhaps we can attract like minded people to share their thoughts with us too. And, in doing so, maybe the blog may become a constructive force in nation building (so much for the ego!).

You asked me a very interesting question, "How comfortable I'd be in a table of 10, being the only Chinese and the rest Malays?" Before I answer that, I would like to point out that the scenario you painted, whatever picture you see can be very deceptive. How's why. The point is not how comfortable I'd be, but I feel the question should have been "How many close Malay friends do I have?" It's blunt, but I suppose if you are addressing someone whom you call "friend" it is not right to beat about the bush too! Well, honestly, BM, I have only a handful of Malay friends now (it was much easier keeping Malay friends while at school), you being one of them. So the point I'm driving at is if I have many Malay friends, being the odd one out will not make me uneasy. It is when I am not with Malay friends but rather at some gathering with Malays, whom at best I regard as acquintances, in all honesty, I should feel uneasy, just as uneasy when I have to attend Chinese functions, alone!!

So, like you said, if all of us acknowledges that fact that there is only one GOD, and the only difference is that all of us worship HIM in our own unique ways.

Let's change the subject and talk about the devil. And who are they? To the uninitiated, they are as many devils as there are Gods. Anyway, just so you won't be misled, I'll let u know who these devils are, remember, they are THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

Take care, don't let the newspaper men send you to Holland.

Here we are with our 1st posting.

I was at the Masjid Kapitan Keling this evening trying to actually witness what the hu ha was all about cos of the rumours flying around about what the Malays are going to do today, 20/3/08.

Made to understand the event was to start at4:30+pm, but by 3:30 when I pass the road a few police vans were there and not the ordinary GD police but the Anti Riot Cops with their red hard hats, shields and padded vest are monitoring the situation .

Loads of shutterbugs were there too, from Mainstream media and who knows. But for sure I saw one from BERNAMA interviewing the organiser.

Nothing untoward incident happens except the procession went as planned where contingents from Muslim NGO's, Residents Association, UMNO and Mydins too.

Penang UMNO leaders leads the procession which goes right up to Padang Kota Lama from Mesjid Keling and back. Padang Kota Lama has a lot more police personnel waiting with water cannon trucks and what not.

Nothing happen...Its good to see. Well hope it stays that way, coz I hate to see incidents which involves innocent bystanders, shop owners losing their income for the day, traffic congestion and all sorts of things that could happen in a flick of a second.

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