Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Malaysian Dream

Thinking about this “Baju Kurung” thing and Bangsa Malaysia, I cannot help going back to my childhood. As I remembered, those days there really was this spirit of “muhibah” among the various communities.

Those were the early days of Merdeka. We mixed freely in school. There was much fun and camaraderie. The late great P. Ramlee’s movies were also well received by the urban Malaysian Chinese and Indians as well. Things were pretty good until some idiot politician decided to divide the races to preserve their stranglehold on the national coffers.

Anyway, it’s gonna take some effort and time to achieve this Malaysian dream. It would be a great help if we have responsible and matured politicians. Politicians who realized that we as MALAYSIANS have to compete with the world, not among ourselves! Wonder if that day will come.

So you see, how evil our political leaders are?

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