Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Barisan Rakyat - A Fantasy?

It has been three weeks since we had our elections. The euphoria is subsiding and the pangs of reality are surfacing now. The antics of the politicians, whether opposition or otherwise, would have surely created some serious review of their own action by some of the electorate. Are the politicians to be trusted?

First, we have those from the ruling elite making statements with veiled messages inciting tension, creating fear and anxiety. Then we see the new kids in town scrambling for power. Resigning and then retracting their resignations, squabbling about the make up of the various State Exco, the racial mix…., oh! oh! racial mix? WHAT HAPPENED TO BANGSA MALAYSIA??????????? Have we been duped?

Not at all comforting won’t you agree? I have always believed that only politicians have the inborn talent to look you in the eye and lie! Now I know I am right! Just look at what Samy did? Remember the infamous Labour Day cabinet meeting which led to the dismissal of our then Lord President? The irony is that they seem to get away with it all the time.

Another ongoing exercise is the party hopping thing, which has created an interesting debate. It is like a giant merry go round. Anwar is trying to buy some BN MPs over, trying ever so hard to become the PM, while we have ADUN/s threatening to resign, citing racial composition in state Exco. Look, it is all about them coming into power, we are just not in the picture!

Reminds me of a Cantonese proverb “when the wake is over, you have no need for the monk anymore”

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