Sunday, April 27, 2008


Jazz aficionados would by now be aware of the annual Penang Island Jazz Festival that has been staged since 2004. Well, this year, perhaps, because of the change in government, we are going to get a bonus! Come 30th April, 2008, there shall be a mini jazz festival at the New World Park along Burmah Road, Penang.

The event starts at 6.00 pm with performances by Penang based jazz outfits, each one performing for about forty-five minutes. The featured artistes are the following : -

Sunny Side Up
Areca Jazz Ensemble
Q Jazz Collective
Northern Jazz Ensemble
Jeep Latino Jazz Band

The audience can expect styles ranging from Swing, Be-bop, Hard Bob, Fusion and Latin-Jazz in the repertoire. There will also be vocals featuring Dasha Logan and in all probabilities, Mohd. Razif aka Jeep. Entry to the event is free!

For the those alien to Penang, New World Park is now an “in-place”! It is now a complex of sorts, with theme restaurants, shops, a food court featuring indigenous Penang hawker food! The most famous, of course, is the Ice Kacang with fruit toppings!

So, jazz lovers, and generally, those who appreciate good music, wherever you may be in Malaysia, if you do have the time, do come to Penang and savour our local delights and, at the same time enjoy the music.

Groove to the beat and get fat!

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