Friday, April 4, 2008

Do Your Worst, Azalina! We're Penangites, We'll Do Our Best!

Was it heaven-sent when newly appointed Minister of Tourism declared that the five states that fell to the opposition shall have their MoUs revoked? I suppose that means no more Federal support and involvement too. That, I take as a blessing! After all, her tenure in the Sports Ministry were tainted with numerous transgressions. The training facility in the UK and the Auditor General’s report that implicated her previous Ministry of improprieties are examples.

The economic powerhouses of the country are in opposition territories and she does not see fit to collaborate with them for the benefit of the country. Instead, she has chosen to “ex-communicate” these five states. This action is irresponsible and it reflects her patriotism. The irony here is, the Minister of Tourism suggesting that she is going to make it difficult for the tourism industry in these five states! Hrrmmph! Great start!

So now, it has become very clear, she is only Minister of Tourism for the BN governed states. We have nothing to do with her. This how the BN government functions? On the other hand, we do not have to worry about unnecessary depletion of resources by these unscrupulous bureaucrats.

Perhaps, the opposition states’ governments should have a federal level shadow cabinet to coordinate efforts between them to enhance their efficiency in the various sectors.


Anonymous said...

Well, who is this Azalina anyway? She sounds more like a moron to me...one who only knows how to screw things up...sad sad sad to those who voted her in....opss sorry...she wasn't even voted in...hahahaha.....

Bangsa Malaysia said...

For your info Azalina is the eligible one right now..hahahaha.
You're right there, she was not voted in. Not even the men dare to go against this black belt lady...
Pity her