Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can't you get it right?

Since 1969 the MCA has done nothing to champion the cause of the Malaysian Chinese. If at anytime they appeared to have done so, it was more lip service than action. They were experts at hoodwinking the people they claim to represent. Together with UMNO and the MIC, they forged a sinister partnership to rape the country. Taking the cue from the colonial masters, the trio divided and ruled the nation.

They fed the people with lies and breadcrumbs, giving them hope and satisfying their hunger pangs. The people knew not that their dreams for a better tomorrow or a brighter future for their children would never materialize! From the urban Chinese sundry shop owner to the Malay farmers and the Indian estate workers, all were hoping against hope, while the politicians were busy amassing wealth. Not only that, they saw to it that this stranglehold over the nation’s wealth shall remain in the hands of the elite few!

As they got bolder they began to falter. Soon, the people got wise to their ploy and resentment started building up. With the advent of the internet and as people became better informed, sentiments towards the unholy trinity of UMNO, MCA and MIC changed. Opposition parties, buoyed by a resurgent Anwar, took advantage and campaigned vociferously to throw out the incumbents. The elections came and the results were shocking! Never in their life did the opposition imagine they could swing it so much. Much of the credit for this incredible showing by the opposition should go to Raja Petra Kamarrudin, a member of the Selangor Royal Household, now languishing in jail! Anwar was the vehicle, Abang Pete is the hero!

The results have necessitated an impending change in the UMNO leadership, while the MCA has already changed their President. The MIC should follow suit by the time they convene their AGM.

It is now obvious to the MCA that the Chinese in the country have rejected them. In fact a large portion of the electorate are now talking about and welcoming the early days of a two party system. Generally, the electorate is of the opinion that the days of race-based political parties are numbered! However, the unholy trinity is still pushing their race-based agenda, with UMNO championing ketuanan Melayu even more vocally.

Ong Tee Keat, the newly elected President of the MCA is said to be a man with his hands full. He ought to be. His is a mixed team, meaning not all are his preferred lieutenants. The giant headache I suppose would be his number two. It is usual for the MCA deputy President to be made a Minister, but how are you going to propose a porn star as a Minister to the Prime Minister? It must be this quagmire that has resulted in his state of delirium. Instead of instructing all MCA MPs to endorse the petition to debate the review/repeal of the ISA, which the MCA, in the run up to their election have committed to do so, he is now championing the cause of the Malays, whom he perceived have not benefited from the NEP!

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