Monday, October 20, 2008


Tsk, tsk, tsk...You guys are not giving a chance at all to the new MCA line up to prove their mettle at all. Not even a lil bit of time to see how they settle down and what not. Every body deserve a second chance.

With a party such as MCA, with all their capabilities and their professionals helming the party, it will be strong enough to fight for the rakyats needs. With such a line up and still you guys are not feeling at ease. Democracy has prevailed in MCA. No party in Malaysia till now has elected an actor as the No.2 man in the organisation. Reagan in the US. Arnold Schwarzenneger also in US. What was that lady's name in Italy? The pornstar that was also elected as a rep in Parliament. Well..MCA has shown the way.

They are even asking the no2 post in BN now. DPM too I heard. Well this is what Anwar Al Jub has been harping all this while. Two tone! If you don't support who else gonna support? Give them a break lah. They are human. They make mistakes. They get greedy. They want power. They want respect. Humans ma... So does PKR, DAP, Gerakan and PAS..All are humans ma...

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TwoToner said...

The only credible leaders the MCA had were the Tans, father and son. The rest of them have prostituted the Chinese community wholesale since l969! Like you said "they want respect, power (DPM), at who's expense?

I might give them a chance if they have the balls to support the Parliamentary Debate (to be moved by Teresa Kok) on the review of the ISA, which I doubt they would!

Remember, old habits die hard!