Friday, October 24, 2008


In true “Malaysia Boleh” spirit, Malaysia must have just scored another first! This time for the arrest of a six-year-old child! I simply cannot fathom what harm a six-year old girl can do that she be arrested?

Did the police acted on their own or were they ordered by some stupid minister to do so? Whichever the case, I do believe this cannot happen anywhere else in the world. What government is this that can feel so threatened by a six year old?

If the present regime can resort to something like this, I dread the day when the despot returns in the form of Najib!

DSAI, you better be quick, because if you take too long, I am sure the despot will make you sodomize a third person! I thought you only needed our votes to win, but now it seems, you also need the grace of God to do so. The fate of the Malaysians are resting with you, act before it is too late!


khalifah said...

Oh my god? U're calling on DSAI to take us Malaysians out of all this? Better stick around and see what tricks or excuse actually that he's coming up next about "NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE OVER THE GOVT" from BN.
If I'm the bride, I would have left him. 16/9? No orgasm... 23/9? Did not "come". 1st day of sitting? Hmmm. Before Raya Haji? Yesterday, no priority anymore. Real asshole bandit he is..I'm sure.

TwoToner said...

I still believe he is the lesser of two evils!

darah59 said...

But still evil...