Tuesday, October 14, 2008


When the scramble started for the post of VP of UMNO, Tun Mahathir says other than Muhyiddin others are jokers or in malay he says "pak lawak".

Then came the news that Shah rukh Khan was awarded datukship by the Malacca govt. Could that be the work of the so called pak lawak? Well this pak lawak denies and said Tun Daim propose. Who is Daim now? A millionaire before he joins the cabinet and a billionaire when he left? Is that the Daim he's referring to? Must they kowtow to him?

Datukship Awards is now being put to a new light altogether. Or are they trying to turn it into an affair like the Bollywood Film award or the Grammy/Emmy Award kinda thing? Really lawaklah this one. None of the citizen in Malaysia could surpass what has been contributed by SRK to Malacca I guess. What did he actually contribute to Malacca?

The pak lawak mention wants to be the 2nd man in UMNO and by tradition he would probably be the Deputy PM...Whose next on the award list then..Jet Li? Amitabh Bachan? Jenna Jameson maybe...

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yabadabadoo said...

Everything has gone to the dogs now!
Is the title datuk/dato' worth anything? This is the joke of the year lah...giving datukship to SRK...we have already made headlines in international news for being "clowns"....is this the icing on the cake or is there more to come? I want to go bury my head in the sand...like the malaysian ostrich!!