Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dreams and Sleep Talking

Forty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. Forty years later, his dream was realized, Barrack Obama, an African American became the President elect of the United States of America. While Martin Luther King was dreaming 40 years ago, the Malaysian Prime Minister was found sleep talking today!

He said that anyone could become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, even those from the minority group! Did I hear right? If I did, then I am sure he was sleep talking! Do we hear any other UMNO leaders echoing his claim? The response to Zaid Ibrahim from the senior leaders of UMNO would be enough to indicate if these people can be as magnanimous as the Americans.

Frankly, it is just not only the UMNO Malays, some Chinese too are also guilty of racial discrimination of some extent. Recent developments after the March 8 political tsunami was proof enough of such misconduct, even in the State assemblies. Insistence on a Malay being the Deputy MB, assemblymen refusing to wear the songkok, these are very narrow thinking. Appointment of acting general manager of PKNS has already generated so much resistance and dare we hope for a Prime Minister from a minority group? Can it really happen? Remember, these are the very people who felt so threatened by yoga!

Until and unless they can ditch the so-called “Social Contract” and this myth about “Ketuanan Melayu”, for us it is still a dream. We shall not let this dream die; we cannot afford to let it die! March 8 has given us hope; there will be light at the end of the tunnel. RPK must not go to jail in vain. We must persevere!


Mike said...

I am one of those leftover hippies too. We do not have to dream of having a non-malay to be our PM, we already, for 22 years, had a Malayalee of Kerala origin as our PM.

No jokes brother, he is an Indian by any definition except by our constitution since he professes the Muslim religion ( whether he is a true Muslim or not ).

My parents, who originated from Kerala, still hang a framed portrait of him at our house, very nationalist indeed are my parents.

The funny thing about Malaysia is that there are people with not even a drop of Malay blood but masquerading as Malays. For example(a true one), the children born to a Pakistani man (who was born in Pakistan) and his Chinese wife (born in Hongkong) are Malays here in Malaysia. Very surprising, isn't it? They are not even Malaysians actually.

So actually, it is not race that matters here to be PM, you just need to be a Muslim ( whether you live according to its teachings doesn't matter at all ).

Can anybody say that the Head of Putra Umno is a Malay? He does not even have one percent of Malay blood in him, right???

TowToner said...

u got a point there about a non-Malay PM!