Saturday, January 16, 2010


Recent events has necessitated this old and spent hippie to revive this blog.

Imagine, if all the world subscribes to hippiedom, there could only be peace. It is most unfortunate that Nixon, a man sick in the head when he became President, saw the hippies as a threat to national security. So, he did his level best to demonize this celebrated philosophy so that he could continue to wage a bloody war with the Vietnamese.

Remember Woodstock? Those three glorious days of peace, love and music? Recall the closure of the New York interstate freeway, the panic of feeding 400,000 mouths over three days? Yes, 400,000 young unadulterated minds whose belief was love and peace, congregated for three days and not a single report of any violence.

Some call it weed, others call pot, grass, thaisticks, senze etc., etc., etc. In spite of all these differences, they were still able to bond. It is hippiedom we're talking about! A philosophy born in the 60's that we embraced with great enthusiasm and we had no trouble with the world.

What's with all the great religions in the world? It's conflicts about whose God is better/greater, about one's sole prerogative to call God "God", and I thought teachings from thousands of years ago would have the primitive man evolved into a peace loving creature. Alas, somewhere along the way, the modern man lost it!

By the way, the peace sign in the photo above was actually formed by people to commemorate Woodstock.


Anonymous said...

I don't think modern man lost it. I think they CONVENIENTLY lose it! In another word, modern man interprets God's words the way it benefits him!!
How stupid!!!

twotoner said...

Good point to note. Perhaps the blame should then go to the politicians/religious elders?

Rural Hippie said...


Politicians n religious manipulators. How can a book of god b improvise just to suit time. Obviously, it's to suit ones agenda.
Can word of god b outdate? If so, the god is outdated too.
I cherished the days of woodstock but as years goes by, i see some wisdom in Nixon's action too.

TwoToner said...

Well, I suppose a man can't be wrong all the time!

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